The 12 Myths of Christmas

myths-banner-long1. Workers banned from putting up Christmas decorations in the office

  • Provide staff with suitable step ladders to put up their decorations and everyone can celebrate Christmas without a fuss.

2. Indoor Christmas lights need a PAT test every year

  • Following precautions and checking for signs of damage will mean a bright Christmas for all to enjoy.

3. You can’t throw sweets out at a panto

  • Oh yes you can!!!

4. Santa needs a seatbelt in his sleigh

  • No No No! He doesn’t.

5. Second hand toys can’t be donated for ‘Health and Safety’ reasons

  • As long as items are clean and in good condition, yes they can.

6. Shopping centre Christmas trees scaled back or replaced by artificial trees because of       Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety law exists to prevent injury at work not to ‘cut down’ the festive spirit.

7. Seats removed from shops – to stop shoppers resting their feet

  • As long as crowd management is controlled and seats are located in sensible places, seats can stay in the shops.

8. Carol singers are a Health and Safety risk

  • The guides provided to carol singers are not Health and Safety requirements and more common sense.

9. Children banned from throwing snowballs

  • As long a sensible approach to risk management is followed and practical action taken, all is well in the snow world.

10. Clearing snow from outside your business or home means you are likely to be sued

  • HSE encourage a common sense approach and think people shouldn’t feel prevented from helping others and their community.

11. Health and Safety prevents the tradition of putting coins in a Christmas pudding

  • The only concern is what goes on in your workplace not what you put in your puddings!

12. Health and Safety ruins Christmas!

  • Health and Safety laws exist to prevent people being seriously injured or made unwell at work. Not to put a stop to the Christmas vibes.

Source: HSE

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